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On President Buhari and the Nigerian Courts - Where We Stand!
Press Release; 14th January 2016

President Buhari and the State Policy of Extra-Judicial Killings - Our Stand!
Press Release; 10th February 2016

President Buhari in Qatar; and the Questions of Palestine and Biafra
Press Statement; 1 March 2016

Federal Government's excuse for Non-performance - A Lie!
Press Release; 14th July 2016

On Mr. Government Tompolo and the Lessons Learnt!
Public Statement; 24th January 2016

PPP Statement on the Japanese Government Sanctions against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea for the Nation's Hydrogen Bomb Test and Launching of their Space Satellite
Press Statement; 19 February 2016

PPP Statement on the US-South Korea Joint Military Exercises in the Korean Peninsula
Press Statement; 18 March 2016

Federal High Court nullifies INEC's illegal de-registration of PPP - Download CTC of Judgment
Posted 27th January 2016

PPP Endorses the Right to Self Determination - Calls for Referendum on the Biafra Question
Press Statement; 22 February 2016

The Government of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea appoints PPP National Chairman, Dr. Damian Ogbonna as the Chairman of African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People
Press Statement; 10th April 2016

PPP Zonal Leaders meet with Emissaries of Workers Party of Korea to explore deeper bilateral relations
Posted 6th February 2016

PPP Statement on Military Maneuvers of Hostile Foreign Forces on the Korean Peninsular and the Targeting of the Supreme headquarters of the Korean People's Army
Press Statement; 27 February 2016

PPP condemns Government inaction on killer Fulani Herdsmen; Proffers Solution
Press Statement; 29th April 2016

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