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Philosophy of Governance


Structure of Governance

Economic Reform Agenda


Social Security and Healthcare

Housing and Home Ownership


Small Business Development

Policing and Internal Security


Energy and Infrastructure 



Structure of State: Federalism

Ideology of State: Socialism




1. To uplift the poor and oppressed Nigerian on the forgotten streets and habitations across our country; those left to rot and die by an uncaring government who see the people as nuisance, rather than resources. PPP is a large tent for our countrymen and women who share our belief that government has grown too corrupt; has become too callous and has done very little.


2. To build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by class, poverty, ignorance, or conformity.


3. To champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. We acknowledge and respect the right of every human being to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.


4. To spread and distribute the power of State, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the State is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions that affect their lives.


5. To build a nation in which all people share the same basic rights, in which they live together in peace and in which their diverse cultures will be able to develop freely.




Our Party is built on the simple and clear principle of partnership with the people in governance. Our governments will be a real partnership between the people, their communities and the government agencies. The structure is simple:


1. Government Agencies and Ministries will continue to provide technical and logistics expertise in vetting, certifying and supporting government projects and services in our various communities.


2. All funds budgeted for community development projects and services will be held in a single consolidated account in Nigeria. They will no longer be handed over to the Ministries as currently practiced to be expended as they deem fit without proper oversight. Therein lies the root of corruption so endemic in Government.


3. Each community will be mandated to elect its Community Project Funds (CPF) annually to handle the payment and execution of the projects due the community in that year's budget.


4. The Agencies and Ministries of Government will assist the community in the tender and bidding process, technical and project execution expertise for any given project.


5. However, the communities through their respective CPFs shall disburse funding for the project directly to the contractors without resorting to the Government Ministries or Agencies.


6. The disbursement shall be in the form of Government checks or vouchers payable through the CBN to the account of the contractor in a manner so controlled as to avoid direct transaction in cash between the community and the contractor.


By utilizing this simple approach, PPP aims to empower the people to make final decisions in the execution of projects meant for their communities. In doing so, we ensure that the people get the full number of project items earmarked in the budget, not just a fraction of it distorted to divert the remainder of the funds to the private pockets of corrupt public officials.


We intend to apply this principle; "LET THE PEOPLE CONTROL THE MONEY"; in the execution of projects, delivery of government services, education, health care delivery, policing, etc. The money belongs to the people of Nigeria. PPP will let them control it. We will take it out of the hands of the corrupt elite. This is the only way to advance our country in the mess that we now find ourselves.


In all programs and policies of governance, PPP shall be mindful of gender fairness and youth representations; to ensure that no segment of our national existence is left behind.




The economic reform agenda of PPP is designed to:


1. Reconstruct Nigeria starting with the leading role of the State in the economy to ensure peace, justice, equality, dignity of the human person, and progressive even development of the entire nation.


2. Rebuild Nigeria's industrial base, leveraging modern information technology to develop and sustain an integrated industrial revolution to create a multi-faceted manufacturing and export focused economy.


3. Create tremendous growth within ten years through the realization of capital and enabling environment to launch the much desired technology revolution in Nigeria.


4. Develop a middle class driven by small business owners, professional class and fair access to credits.


Accordingly, we advance the following TEN ECONOMIC BLUEPRINT:

1. Reform the tax code and restructure the polity to allow for wealth creation at all levels.

2. Eliminate State barriers to self-reliance.

3. Eliminate constitutional defects to create donor union States in place of the current beggar union States.

4. Institutionalize a workfare State to replace the current welfare State.

5. Decentralize infrastructure delivery to empower local solutions to local problems.

6. Decentralize law enforcement to achieve lasting and enduring internal security; Implement local control of policing through Community Police Boards, CPBs.

7. Implement local control of basic education through Community School Boards, CSBs.

8. Implement local control of service delivery through Community Project Funds, CPFs.

9. Implement local control of healthcare delivery through Community Health Cooperatives, CHHs.

10. Implement local control of electoral voting through Community Vote Control Initiative, CVCI.



PPP will determine why private schools work and use the same principles to make the public schools work as well. Why must the children of the poor be perpetually assigned to failed public school systems without hope and without a future, while the few rich ones afford to pay their wards' ways into the exclusive private schools? We intend to bring the practices and principles of private education into government schools. We will implement it and pay for it through the Community School Boards (CSBs).


We will have primary and secondary schools in a given community governed by the Community School Board and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the community, village or town. The School Heads and Principals will be members of the School Board and shall have roles similar to those of a Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer of an organization. As CEO, the School Head or Principal shall report to the local school board and shall be hired and fired by the Board.


The funding for primary and secondary education shall be channeled through the Community School Board in the given community. We will eliminate the monies being sent directly to the various Ministries of Education where corruption holds sway to the detriment of public schools.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of any school district shall consist of parents of the students enrolled in the schools and residents of the host community who have attained the statutory voting age. It is this AGM that will freely elect the members of the School Board from amongst itself and shall ratify and/or initiate the hiring and firing of the School Principal or Head.


We will implement this strong parental and community involvement in education to bring back accountability which is identifiably the main difference between excelling private schools and sinking public schools. We will let the community make the decisions in the schools that serve the community, while the government continues to fund education through the communities.


Still on Basic Education:

1. We will pursue aggressive programs to recruit, train, reward and retain excellent teachers.

2. We will legislate and enforce high academic standards.

3. We will increase the number of model schools.

4. We will provide free and compulsory quality education at primary and secondary levels.

5. We will pass and enforce laws to penalize parents who fail to register their wards in school.

And For Higher Education:

1. PPP will provide access for all qualified students.


2. We will introduce government matched funds for Education Savings Accounts (ESA); set up 10 years or earlier before a student is due to attend a tertiary institution. Working class parents can use the ESA to finance their ward's tertiary education. As parents make regular contributions to the funds, it is matched 100% by government funds to a predetermined limit. When the ward is ready for tertiary education, the funds can be accessed via vouchers for the payment of the fees, housing and stipend required for the entire duration of the ward's tertiary education. This account will be warehoused in the Central Bank.


3. We will introduce fixed interest, performance based, Deferred Education Loan Schemes (DELS), which students can access to fund their education in tertiary institutions. Loan payback will commence after graduation and upon gainful employment of the graduated student.


4. We will introduce Technology Education Grants (TEG) to students drafted into targeted government programs designed to develop key national technologies to leap frog military and industrial establishments.


5. PPP will foster competition among tertiary institutions, which is the key to such universal access. We will let the institutions make decisions regarding admission, curriculum, grading and graduation, with standards, guidelines, checks and balances against abuse provided by government agencies.


6. A PPP led government will ensure that there is, at least, one tertiary institution in each Local Government Area in Nigeria.


7. We will implement higher education funding by a combination of local, state and federal resources channeled through government guaranteed student loans and grants tied to specific achievements. Students would utilize private resources; government matched Education Savings Account (ESA); achievement-based Guaranteed Student Loans (GSL); or Grants to fund their tertiary education.

Adult & Distance Learning:

1. PPP will aggressively pursue adult and distance learning programs for citizens already left behind.


2. We will create whole and matched funds for premium and economic driven research partnerships between the industrial sector and the education sector, with emphasis on Information technology programs and manufactured ICT products.





- PPP led government will establish a Community Health Cooperative (CHC) in every community in the country.


- Each CHC shall be primarily responsible to staff and manage the healthcare delivery infrastructure in the host community.

- Government will fund healthcare delivery by making available healthcare vouchers, which Nigerians may use to pay their medical bills at their local healthcare cooperatives.


- The healthcare vouchers shall be channeled through the Community Health Cooperatives and distributed to residents of the various communities.


- The CHC shall maintain vital records of recipients and voucher utilization and shall periodically furnish the records as required to the relevant oversight government ministries and agencies.


- Hospitals and other Medical Centers shall continue to exist and subsidized for more invasive healthcare services and CHC referrals.


1. PPP will establish private employer health insurance pools, which will give small employers the liberty to band together to purchase group insurance for their employees at reduced rates.


2. We will develop policies to tie jobs with good health insurance coverage.


3. We will establish community health centers in every village or ward in the country. Every community must have a credible healthcare delivery facility.


4. We will increase immunization rates and increase resources for biomedical research.


5. We will aggressively pursue low priced domestic alternatives to expensive drugs.


6. PPP will lead in setting sound HIV/AIDS policy, including increased research funding and access to health services. We place a high priority on finding domestic cure for HIV/AIDS and other lethal health challenges.


1. PPP will develop a National Retirement Insurance Program (NRIP), a universal social security protection for the poor, the disadvantaged and the middle class, against old age and retirement.


2. Every citizen or legal resident of Nigeria must register with the program and obtain a Social Security Number.


3. Children are automatically registered and assigned a number at birth.


4. The governments in the country shall use the database for development planning, to provide service to their communities, to receive and process individual taxes, to provide unemployment, death and retirement benefits, etc.


5. We will simplify pension laws and make it easier for more businesses, especially small ones, to offer voluntary pension plans, matched by government funds.



Home ownership is central to our plan of expanding Nigeria's economy:

1. We will make housing and home ownership more accessible and affordable to everyone.


2. PPP led government will liberalize access to housing credits for entrepreneurs and consumers.


3. To jumpstart and sustain economic growth, we must assist millions of low-income families move from renting to owning their homes through direct grants, private sector driven rent-to-own programs, government guaranteed loans and affordable low interest long-term mortgage loans.


4. We will look for solutions to home ownership, where the monthly rent of a household is enough to pay the monthly mortgage of their home.


5. A PPP Government will ban the current bad policy of demolishing the homes of the citizens in the name of urban planning. Where there is a need to relocate citizens, PPP will first provide alternative housing before embarking on any relocation exercise. 6. We will implement a national strategy to reach every home with affordable basic amenities, such as electricity, water, cooking gas, internet and communication facilities.



1. We shall pursue joint federal, state, and local initiatives for agro-based resources and environmental protection.


2. We will ensure that our agricultural resources and environmental policies reflect the particular needs and strengths of geographic regions, localities and the residents thereof.


3. Agro-based resources and environmental policies should focus on achieving results - not crafting bureaucratic processes and, certainly not forcefully appropriating what belongs to the states and the localities.


4. PPP believes that a culture of sustained economic growth and progress can be cultivated when the states and localities are freed to demonstrate their unique abilities to manage local agricultural resources, the center applying necessary oversight.


5. PPP Federal government will pass legislation on mechanized farming and provide the enabling environment for states and communities to apply the legislation to their specific strengths.


6. Rather than expect farmers to invest in capital intensive mechanized equipment and vehicles, agricultural cooperatives will be established and encouraged to partner with governments at all levels, to provide low cost mechanized equipment and vehicles on lease to the farmers and provide the human capacity necessary to jump start the agrarian revolution. This program will bring mechanization to the low-income farmer who can now lease such services through a variety of grants, deferred loan programs, or government subsidies.


7. We will engage in bilateral and global negotiations to open key trade markets in consumer nations.


8. We will focus on production for domestic consumption, while tying export produce to target markets.


9. We will particularly focus on opening the largely populated Asian markets like China and India, while not neglecting key produce for Europe and the Americas.


10. A PPP Government will implement agrarian policies and infrastructure to ensure that seasonal crops and produce are continually harvested, preserved, stored and made available throughout the year.



1. PPP will develop and implement policies that support the growth of the trader in the marketplace. This is a key ingredient to unleash sustainable economic growth.


2. We will provide the platform and funding to train individuals new to the work force. These are pre-requisites to a workfare economy.


3. We will provide initiatives, such as lower tax rates, zero inheritance tax, zero capital gains tax and minimum bureaucracy to encourage business expansion and new business startups.


4. We will pursue aggressive expansion of regional and overseas markets for domestic goods and services.


5. We will end the constant harassment of traders and small businesses by government and quasi-government agencies.


6. We will set up Small and Medium Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Board (SMB-REFaB) to liaise with trade unions and organizations in order to protect the small business from corrupt and overzealous government regulators, and we shall require the States and Local Governments to do the same.


7. We will provide highly subsidized comprehensive health insurance to small business owners.


8. We will facilitate private sector cooperative initiatives to band small businesses nationwide in order to buy functional health insurance premiums, either through health insurance companies or directly in hospitals and other healthcare centers.


9. We will create government bonds/guarantees which traders, small businesses and start-up businesses can utilize as collaterals for targeted bank loans for stock replenishment, business expansion and growth.


10. PPP will implement intervention programs to develop small business initiatives to provide gainful employment to the young and unemployed.



PPP advocates a decentralized and competitive law enforcement structure to implement crime-fighting initiatives, with local content and local accountability, to drastically lower crime, and other societal vices:


1. Community Police Bureau to oversee regulations and investigate crimes in the village, town or community. The Community Police shall have primary responsibility over security matters and crimes committed and limited within its community of ownership.


2. Area Council Police Bureau to oversee regulations and investigate crimes in the Local Government Areas. If the crime involves two or more communities of the same Area Council or Local Government Area, then the Area Council Police Bureau shall have primary responsibility.


3. State Police Bureau to enforce state laws and regulations and investigate crimes within the State. If the crime affects communities of different LGAs or Area Councils within a state, then the State Police Bureau shall have primary responsibility.


4. Federal Police Bureau to oversee federal laws and regulations and investigate federal crimes. If the crime affects communities across different State lines, then the Federal Police Bureau shall have primary responsibility.


5. At every level, there shall be a parallel Judiciary Sheriff, completely independent of the Executive branch of Government and reporting to the Chief Judicial Officers. The duty of the Judiciary Police shall be to enforce court orders, judgments, rulings and directives without resorting to the Executive arm of Government. In so doing, the Judiciary Police acts as a check on the excesses of the Executive and the regular Police Bureaus.



1. We will enact and implement two enabling legislations for the transportation sector; (i) The "Transportation Security Act (TSA)" for the Twenty-First Century transportation industry. (ii) The "Aviation Security Act (ASA)". With both legislations, we will usher landmark laws, to initiate and finish an unprecedented federal investment in roads, bridges, transit systems, waterways, railways, airports and air traffic control systems.


2. Our national railroad network, which should be a crucial component of our public transportation system, is comatose, and has been so for nearly four decades. Railroads helped build our country during the pre-independence days and shortly thereafter. Our national passenger railroad network should be a precious resource that can play a key role in transportation and economic growth. We will pursue a healthy interstate and intercity passenger and cargo rail systems, and where economically viable, the development of a national high-speed passenger railroad system as an instrument of economic development, and enhanced mobility.


3. PPP will aggressively implement public-private partnership programs to build, operate and transfer modern interconnected interstate highways, dual carriage multi-lanes, to link the length and breadth of our nation and fed with motor-able road networks to our rural communities. This massive effort is a key driver to the much desired national economic and employment revolution in Nigeria.



Our policies will deliver Regular Supply of Electric Power, Good Telephone and Telecommunication Network, Good Roads and Good Water supply. Nigeria needs a national energy and infrastructure strategy - we will pursue a "National Energy & Infrastructure Security Act (NEISA)". That strategy will:

1. Increase the supplies and refining of coal, oil, and natural gas for domestic consumption through novel partnerships of the Federal, State and Local Governments, and the private sector. Our country does have ample energy resources waiting to be developed, and there is simply no substitute for an increase in their domestic production and use.


2. Introduce first line small-scale energy lease permits to encourage regulated small business investment in the exploitation, refining and marketing of small quantities of the energy products to communities, governments, and the private sector, such as petroleum oil, coal, gas, methane, solar and other renewable energy sources, etc.


3. Provide tax free incentives for production & distribution of energy.


4. Offer a degree of price certainty to encourage and sustain small domestic stripper producers.


5. Advance clean coal and renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, open-loop biomass facilities, and electricity produced from steel cogeneration.


6. Provide tax incentive and government partnership for residential use of solar power.


7. We will decentralize the nation's energy and infrastructure industry to release efficient and competitive delivery of services to the people. The current geopolitical entities shall be given substance to form the basis of the decentralized delivery of infrastructure envisioned by the "National Energy & Infrastructure Security Act (NEISA)".

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