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Roadmap to a Progressive Nigeria


Download PPP Strategic Objectives; click here
Roadmap to a Progressive Nigeria!

Strategic Objectives:

i.   Masses based politically independent nation.

ii.  Self reliance in the economy and national defense.

iii. Shared socio-economic well-being to mitigate class disparity.





1.    Building a masses-based political party; of workers, youths, and peasants is a necessary and driving instrument to a masses-based politically independent nation; one that is transformed to a self-sufficient economy and a self-reliant national defense.


2.    Community ownership of vehicles of governance and development; through five main community oversight boards, which shall operate and run government projects and services delivered to the community; Community Police Boards (CPB), Community School Boards (CSB), Community Project Funds (CPF), Community Health Boards (CHB), and Community Vote Control Initiative (CVCI).


3.    Our party shall exist as a Socio-Political Organism; a proactively activist party in all issues affecting the well-being of the masses; socially, economically and culturally. We must stand with the masses in every circumstance and be seen doing so; our presence and participation to issues of the public welfare of the masses must be known and must be felt.


4.    Our party must inculcate single-minded Unity in Ideology, top down; party officials, cadres and the rank and file members at all levels must be continually and systematically educated in the correct and proper ideology of the party.


5.    Leaders at all levels in the party must be persons who are ideologically prepared to lead others in our movement; they must be chosen on the basis of genuine and proven faithfulness to the cause and ideology of the party; and complete understanding and acceptance of the strategic objectives of the party.


6.    We must build a party united under one ideology and one leadership. There must be single ideology and single leadership in the party. We must strongly and firmly project zero tolerance to multi-ideology or multi-leadership, since these will destroy our party.


7.    We must build a working class party; emphasizing collaboration with socio-economic, socio-political, and socio-cultural groups at all levels; trade unions, market associations, transport unions, student groups, youth groups, cultural associations, ethnic-based groups, gender-based groups, etc. Our party must, of necessity, actively seek for and recruit members from the cadres, rank and file of these groups; educate and transform such members to leadership positions within the party in order to naturally integrate and mobilize the various groups to our common cause and ideology.


8.    As a masses-based political party, we must de-emphasize class in all its ramifications; party leaderships or candidacies must not be obstructed in any way or manner with artificial social, economic or gender barriers created to restrict access to the rank and file of party members.


9.    There must consistent education of the leadership cadres of the party at all levels to internalize and take personal ownership of our party’s socialist cause to reconstruct the nation; and in turn, educating the members of the party and the people to do likewise.


10.  The party must consistently review existing strategies and tactics for achieving our strategic objectives to ensure that the correct strategies and proper tactics are employed at every point in time in the socialist reconstruction of Nigeria.


11.  Our party’s fundamental socialist principle is this; to support, implement, and actualize the fundamental demand of the working class and the masses for social, economic, and political independence; at personal and family levels, and at the societal level as well. This is the foundation upon which we shall collectively reconstruct and rebuild Nigeria to global relevance and international acclaim.


12.  Our party must inculcate into our members and leaders the core ideology of shared socio-economic well-being of the people and the masses; between all levels of workers; whether intellectual or physical; and to proactively canvass for the popular support and implementation of this ideology in order to militate against societal class divide. We must build a society where income inequality is minimal; where the lowest paid citizens are within livable brackets of the highest paid citizens; ending once and for all times the socio-economic injustices so pervasive in our country’s strayed and uncontrolled capitalist monopolies. Our shared socio-economic ideology will close the income inequality gap and empower the working class economically; no more will the rich get richer at the expense of the poor getting poorer.


13.  Our party must lead by sensitizing, galvanizing, and mobilizing the masses to embark on national reconstruction by mass deployment of human resources; to undertake development work in all sectors of human endeavor and achieve home grown industrialization to the realization of a self-sufficient economy and a self-reliant national defense.


14.  Our party must strengthen its leading role in the reconstruction of Nigeria by working side-by-side with the people; the party sets the target sectors for development and industrialization; recruit and train party members to lead the efforts sector-by-sector; the party members, in turn, lead the efforts by working alongside the people and the communities in the various sectors.


15.  In our quest to reconstruct Nigeria, the party must develop structures and mechanisms to learn from the masses, respect the masses, and enlist their strength and knowledge in solving all national problems; we must make the masses the genuine masters of the state and the society.


16.  The party must develop an internal work system where the leaders and members can freely participate to make a living. Once established, tested and proven, the party shall extend the work system to the masses; a work system where one person trains and mentors ten people to their full potential; ten to one hundred people; one hundred to one thousand people; one thousand to ten thousand; ten thousand to one hundred thousand; one hundred thousand to a million workers, etc.; all doing so in the various sectors of the economy. We must seek for and implement other similar policies, structures and mechanisms to create a lasting and unbreakable tie between our party and the masses; the fate and fortunes of the masses and the party must be inextricably linked in the reconstruction of Nigeria. The party must serve the people and no one else.


17.  We must develop a work system whereby superiors educate and mentor their subordinates responsibly and the cadres and party members work among the masses, mentoring and educating them as well; ensuring that party officials and members become objects of work with the people while also doing the work themselves.


18.  Party committees at all levels shall give guidance to all activities and reconstruction work within their sphere of authority in order to create unified political leadership of the party in the movement and national construction work; and at the same time harness the masses creative power to the maximum through work with the people under the collective leadership of the party committees.


19.  The work systems developed and implemented by the party shall supplement existing labor and employment systems in the private sector and shall not be used to entirely replace such private sector employment systems. However, public sector employment and the innumerable unemployed or underemployed masses shall be recruited en mass to gainful participation in the national construction revolution.


20. Party committees at all levels should be experts at piloting economic activities as required by the party work system.

Download PPP Strategic Objectives; click here
Roadmap to a Progressive Nigeria!

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