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PPP - PEOPLES PROGRESSIVE PARTY was founded on a platform of returning government, electoral control, spending control, policing, and political authority to the teaming masses and communities of Nigeria, who has been systematically and institutionally abused, disenfranchised and enslaved, rendered powerless and politically irrelevant in their own land by the political class from the time of the colonialists to the present day.

PPP came about as a product of necessity. It was born by a group of dedicated and patriotic non-establishment and non-conforming politicians while participating at the 2005/2006 PEOPLES' NATIONAL CONFERENCE organized by the Pro-democracy group, PRONACO. The party is fast assuming the consciousness of the nation.

We have summarized below our THREE POINT POLICY AGENDA FOR NIGERIA in this decade and beyond:

1. To pursue and actualize a NEW CONSTITUTION ROOTED IN THE PEOPLE, where the power of the people is enshrined supreme through the processes of REFERENDA AND SELF-DETERMINATION by component unions in the federation.

2. Implement open accountability-driven TRIPARTITE MODEL OF GOVERNANCE involving the government on the one hand, the communities on the other, and the people to close the loop of sound and transparent accountability of government actions and expenditures.

3. Implement COMMUNITY CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES through community oversight boards, which shall operate and run government projects and services delivered to the community; Community Police Boards, Community School Boards, Community Project Funds, Community Health Boards, and Community Vote Control Initiative, CVCI.

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