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PPP - Peoples Progressive Party was founded on a platform of returning government, electoral control, spending control, policing, and political authority to the teaming masses and communities of Nigeria, who has been systematically and institutionally abused, disenfranchised and enslaved, rendered powerless and politically irrelevant in their own land by the political class from the time of the colonialists to the present day.


PPP came about as a product of necessity. It was born by a group of dedicated and patriotic non-establishment and non-conforming politicians while participating at the 2005/2006 PEOPLES' NATIONAL CONFERENCE organized by the Pro-democracy group, PRONACO. The party is fast assuming the consciousness of the nation.


It is a non-personality based party. We applied for recognition to the electoral body in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in August 2006 and on the 30th of October 2006, Peoples Progressive Party was accorded full recognition as a legally empowered political party in Nigeria.


In a record time of six months, the party established far reaching presence in all the 36 states of the federation. We are currently building on that success, translating it into sustainable grassroots activism.


Our party believes that the political and governing systems in Nigeria are so bad that the very best of leaders with the very best of intentions can not succeed. We believe that Nigeria's greatness can only be unleashed when two things happen:


1. The country is restructured to eliminate the concentration of economic and security powers to the center, and

2. The rights of the people to truly choose their leaders and directly control the country's constitution is enshrined in the constitution.

These are the battle cries of the Peoples Progressive Party.


PPP was formed at a remarkable time, a turning point and at a crossroad in the life of our country. Our failed economy gives Nigeria a unique chance to confront persistent challenges and the many constitutional and structural defects in the federation. Our country, after many decades of purposeless drift, must now set itself to the confront the important tasks and higher goals of facing up to our painful truths, which are:


>> To correct constitutional and structural imbalances.

>> To remove State erected barriers against self reliance and economic emancipation.

>> To replace a welfare economy with a workfare economy.

Without these basic structural corrections, economic growth and development will continue to elude us as a people and as a nation.


The Peoples Progressive Party is providing the vision and leadership to address these issues. Our platform is uplifting and visionary. It reflects the views of countless Nigerians all across this country, who believe in prosperity with a purpose; wealth driven by enterprise - people who believe in Renewing Nigeria’s Purpose.


PPP has a special calling - to advance the principles of freedom; to decentralize governance; and to ensure the dignity and worth of every individual. These principles form the foundation of our agenda for Nigeria in this decade and beyond.


WE ARE A PEOPLES' PARTY INDEED, focused on the single purpose of lifting up the poor and oppressed Nigerians on the forgotten streets and villages across our country; Those left to rot and die by the “political lords” of our time, an uncaring government who see the people as nuisance, rather than RESOURCES.








View PPP Policy Agenda

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