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PPP - PEOPLES PROGRESSIVE PARTY was founded on a platform of returning government, electoral control, spending control, policing, and political authority to the teaming masses and communities of Nigeria, who has been systematically and institutionally abused, disenfranchised and enslaved, rendered powerless and politically irrelevant in their own land by the political class from the time of the colonialists to the present day.

PPP came about as a product of necessity. It was born by a group of dedicated and patriotic non-establishment and non-conforming politicians while participating at the 2005/2006 PEOPLES' NATIONAL CONFERENCE organized by the Pro-democracy group, PRONACO. The party is fast assuming the consciousness of the nation.

The PURPOSE of the Party is:


1. To democratically acquire, utilize, sustain and retain political power for the sole purpose of rendering total service to the people of Nigeria, Black and African people, and humanity as a whole, based on the ideology and principle and practice of federalism and progressivism.


2. To, after winning the elections, organize an all-inclusive government, using the most competent, reliable, trustworthy, committed, dedicated and honest Nigerians;


3. To manage a government rooted in the principles and values of democracy, commitment to the welfare of all the people, anti-corruption, good governance and justice for all;


4. To uplift the poor and oppressed Nigerian on the forgotten streets and habitations across our country; those left to rot and die by an uncaring government who see the people as nuisance, rather than resources. PPP is a large tent for our countrymen and women who share our belief that government has grown too corrupt; has become too callous and has done very little.


5. To actively pursue programs, discussions and legislation leading to a new constitution rooted in the people and a self-sustaining structure for the union states of the federation.


6. To spread and distribute the power of State, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the State is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions that affect their lives.


7. To build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by class, poverty, ignorance, or conformity.


8. To transform the system of governance so as to foster sustained balanced development throughout Nigeria, facilitate opportunities for all, promote programs and policies of self-actualization and self-enhancement of Nigerians and their communities; usher in genuine security, peace and reconciliation, and implement programs for rehabilitation of all victims of internal strife, epidemics and other disasters, through the leadership role of the State in the economy to ensure peace, equality and dignity of the human person and equitable progressive development of the entire country on the basis of public interest, equity and justice;


9. To champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. We acknowledge and respect the right of every human being to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.


10. To build a nation in which all people share the same basic rights, in which they live together in peace and in which their diverse cultures and religions will be able to develop freely.


How do we intend to accomplish this PURPOSE?


We will seek the trust of Nigerians to earn it; not just by talking or propounding empty ideologies or proposing abstract solutions in their generalities without substance. To win the trust of Nigerians, PPP has marshaled concrete plans and structures of governance to create real and tangible partnerships between the government and the various communities that make up our country. Our party is built on the simple and clear principle of partnership with the people in the day-to-day exercise of governance. Our government will be a real partnership between the people, their communities and the government agencies.


The structure shall be as follows:


1. Government Agencies and Ministries will continue to provide technical and logistics expertise as they now do in vetting, certifying and supporting government projects and services in our various communities.


2. All funds budgeted for community development projects and services will be held in a single consolidated account in Nigeria. They will no longer be handed over to the Ministries and Agencies of Government as currently practiced to be spent as they deem fit without proper oversight. This is where the root of corruption lies; that has become so endemic and institutionalized in the government. This is also where the disconnect lies between the government and the governed.


3. On a given day every year, to be set by an enabling law, each community will be mandated to elect its Community Project Funds (CPF), which shall be responsible to handle the payment and execution of projects and services due the community in that year's budget.


4. The Agencies and Ministries of Government will assist the community in the tender and bidding process, technical evaluation, and project execution expertise for any given project.


5. However, the communities through their respective CPFs shall disburse funding for the project directly to the contractors without resorting to the Government Ministries or Agencies.


6. The disbursement shall be in the form of Government checks or vouchers payable through the Central Bank of Nigeria to the account of the contractor in a manner so controlled as to avoid direct transaction in cash between the community and the contractors.

By utilizing this simple approach, PPP aims to empower the people to make final decisions in the execution of projects meant for their communities. In doing so, we ensure that the communities get the full accounting of projects earmarked in the budget, not just a fraction of it distorted to divert the remainder of the funds to the private pockets of corrupt public officials.


We intend to apply this basic principle; "LET THE PEOPLE CONTROL THE MONEY" in various sectors of our national endeavor, such as, Projects and Services, Education, Healthcare, etc. The money belongs to the people of Nigeria. PPP will let them control it. We will take it out of the hands of the corrupt elite. This is the only way to move our country forward in the mess that we now find ourselves.


Our revolution to rebuild and reconstruct Nigeria is predicated on six pillars:


1. Decentralization of infrastructure delivery to empower local solutions to local problems.


2. Decentralization of law enforcement to achieve lasting and enduring internal security; Implementation of local control of policing through Community Police Boards, CPBs.


3. Implementation of local control of basic education through Community School Boards, CSBs.


4. Implementation of local control of projects and service delivery through Community Project Funds, CPFs.


5. Implementation of local control of healthcare delivery through Community Health Cooperatives, CHHs.


6. Implementation of local control of electoral voting through Community Vote Control Initiative, CVCI.

We believe that once we engage the Nigerian people with this alternative of a tripartite governing partnership made up of the government on the one hand, the community on the other, and the people to close the loop, we will get a listening public and a sympathetic ear. We can only get out of this hole by our collective effort. The current approach of government-knows-all and government-does-all with the people's money clearly isn't working and, in fact, cannot work; certainly not in the midst of such massive and mind bungling corruption so institutionalized in the country.


Download "PPP PURPOSE", Click here    |    View PPP Policy Agenda


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