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The Peoples' Party!
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PEOPLES PROGRESSIVE PARTY was founded on a platform of returning government, electoral control, spending control, policing, and political authority to the teaming masses and communities of Nigeria, who has been systematically and institutionally abused, disenfranchised and enslaved, rendered powerless and politically irrelevant in their own land by the political class from the time of the colonialists to the present day.


We are a product of necessity born by a group of dedicated and patriotic non-establishment and non-conforming politicians while participating at the 2005/2006 PEOPLES' NATIONAL CONFERENCE organized by the Pro-democracy group, PRONACO. The party is fast assuming the consciousness of the nation.


We are a non-personality based party. We applied for recognition to the electoral body in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in August 2006 and on the 30th of October 2006, Peoples Progressive Party was accorded full recognition as a legally empowered political party in Nigeria.


In a record time of six months, the party established far reaching presence in all the 36 states of the federation. We are currently building on that success, translating it into sustainable grassroots activism.

We need your membership and support to pursue this laudable goal to rescue our country from corruption, elect patriotic citizens and fix Government.




Membership of the PPP is open to all Nigerians irrespective of their religion, ethnic group, place of birth, gender, social and economic status, provided that:

1. The person is at least 18 years of age;
2. The person is not a member of another political party or if he/she was such a member, has resigned such membership and shall show evidence of his/her resignation;
3. The person agrees to abide by the provisions of the Party’s Constitution;
4. Application for memberships shall be on individual basis;
5. The person shall be registered as a member of the party at the ward in which he/she resides or hails from;




1. Every member shall pay the prescribed registration fee, monthly dues, levies and fines (where applicable).
2. Members are obliged to participate in activities of the party e.g. election campaigns, rallies, fund-raising functions, meetings (as appropriate).
3. Every member shall possess a membership card.
4. Membership of the Party shall be renewed annually on payment of the prescribed fee.
5. In an election year, only a member who has paid his/her due subscription up to 3 months before the primaries shall be eligible to vote and be voted for.
6. Every member shall strive to understand and propagate the ideology, aims and objectives of the Party.
7. Every member shall be disciplined and shall refrain from anti-party and unpatriotic activities.
8. Upon registration, a member shall be deemed to have accepted to abide by the provisions of the Party’s Constitution and the Party’s lawful rules and regulations, directives and decisions.
9. Every member shall have the right to vote and be voted for into any office or post during the election, subject to the Party’s rules and decisions regarding the post or office; the financial status of the member; and provided that the member has been known to be actively involved in the Party for at least 6 successive calendar months to the elections.
10. A register of members shall be kept and maintained at every level of the Party’s secretariat, namely; ward, local government area, state and national, provided always that every such level of the Party shall update its membership records from time to time. It shall be responsibility of a member to ensure that his/her name is duly entered in the ward register.
11. Membership shall be terminated by resignation of membership, expulsion or death. Upon resignation or expulsion, a member shall be legally obliged to return to the party all its properties in his/her possession. Upon the death of a member, his/her next of kin shall be similarly obliged.


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