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Download PPP Policy Agenda; click here

PPP - PEOPLES PROGRESSIVE PARTY was founded on a platform of returning government, electoral control, spending control, policing, and political authority to the teaming masses and communities of Nigeria, who has been systematically and institutionally abused, disenfranchised and enslaved, rendered powerless and politically irrelevant in their own land by the political class from the time of the colonialists to the present day.

PPP came about as a product of necessity. It was born by a group of dedicated and patriotic non-establishment and non-conforming politicians while participating at the 2005/2006 PEOPLES' NATIONAL CONFERENCE organized by the Pro-democracy group, PRONACO. The party is fast assuming the consciousness of the nation.



1. To actively pursue programs, discussions and legislation leading to a new constitution rooted in the people and a self-sustaining structure for the union states of the federation. In other words, our party will pursue policies and processes leading to the self determination of union nations of Nigeria to enable our different components freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. This is true FEDERATION as opposed to the unitary and dictatorial concept currently in practice, where the central government "knows-all" and "does-all" to the detriment of our national aspirations. In line with the relevant United Nations' Charter, PPP views the right of our people to, directly and without coercion, determine their varied and common destinies as an integral component of Basic Human Rights and our common Fundamental Freedoms and we will work assiduously to the realization of this principal constitutional prerogative.

2. To transform the system of governance so as to foster sustained balanced development throughout Nigeria. We offer a Tripartite Governing Model where government actions and expenditures are subject to direct oversight of the various communities they serve; the communities in turn made accountable to their residents. We have articulated concrete plans and structures of governance to create real and tangible partnerships between the government and the various communities that make up our country. Our party is built on the simple and clear principle of partnership with the people in the day-to-day exercise of governance. Our government will be a real partnership between the people, their communities and the government agencies. This policy thrust will promote programs and policies of self-actualization and self-enhancement of Nigerians and their communities to usher in genuine security, peace and reconciliation, and implement programs for the rehabilitation of all victims of internal strife, epidemics and other disasters. The State led by PPP will take the leadership role in the economy to ensure peace, equality and dignity of the human person and equitable progressive development of the entire country on the basis of public interest, equity and justice.

3. PPP will let the PEOPLE CONTROL THE MONEY in various sectors of our national endeavor, such as, Projects and Service deliveries, Education, Healthcare, etc. The money belongs to the people of Nigeria. PPP will let them control it. We will take direct control of the nation's funds out of the hands of the corrupt elite and government bureaucracy. This is the only way to institutionally combat corruption and free our people to develop their communities. Our revolutionary policies to rebuild and reconstruct Nigeria is predicated on six pillars:

i. Decentralization of infrastructure delivery to empower local solutions to local problems.

ii. Decentralization of law enforcement to achieve lasting and enduring internal security; Implementation of local control of policing through Community Police Boards, CPBs.

iii. Implementation of local control of basic education through Community School Boards, CSBs.

iv. Implementation of local control of projects and service delivery through Community Project Funds, CPFs.

v. Implementation of local control of healthcare delivery through Community Health Cooperatives, CHHs.

vi. Implementation of local control of electoral voting through Community Vote Control Initiative, CVCI.



1. Pursue and actualize a NEW CONSTITUTION ROOTED IN THE PEOPLE, where the power of the people is enshrined supreme through the processes of REFERENDA AND SELF-DETERMINATION by component unions in the federation.

2. Implement open accountability-driven TRIPARTITE MODEL OF GOVERNANCE involving the government on the one hand, the communities on the other, and the people to close the loop of sound and transparent accountability of government actions and expenditures.

3. Implement COMMUNITY CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES through community oversight boards, which shall operate and run government projects and services delivered to the community; Community Police Boards, Community School Boards, Community Project Funds, Community Health Boards, and Community Vote Control Initiative, CVCI.

Download PPP Policy Agenda; click here

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